This blog is a term paper for a food science class I’m currently taking. It’s designed for the new college cook, or anyone else who is learning to cook for the first time. I want to focus on making food that is tasty, healthy, and fits into a college lifestyle. Cooking can be intimidating but I am a strong believer that it is possible to make good, simple food without it taking over your life.

I’ll be sharing some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the last three years but I also realize that many college students will have different lifestyles and culinary priorities than I do. I am a vegetarian and all recipes I post will be without meat but I’m going to try to include different perspectives on this space as well.

At its core, I want this blog to be a place for simple, nutritious recipes that are fun to cook and eat. Since it is for a class project, I will be focusing on certain aspects of food to match the flow of the class. The main topics of my class are sensory perception, food values, and nutritional properties. I’ll try to keep the science interesting and relevant to the college cook. Sensory perception will include a little bit of biology about our senses, food values will focus on food safety, convenience, and sustainability, and nutrition will go a little more into the health benefits of food.

I’m excited to get started!


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