The ability to change

As my class is coming to an end, I’m racing to fit in the last little pieces of this project. There is just so much I want to talk about and I’m realizing more and more how passionate I am about food and health.

On our last day of lecture, we went over many of the major themes of the course that I’ve touched on here, such as individual differences, the personalization of diets, and the importance of nutrition.

One slide in particular really stuck with me. My professor brought up the example of exercise, and how over time, intense exercise can actually change athletes’ muscles so that their muscles burn fat directly as fuel instead of using stored carbohydrate, which is what most people do. These metabolic changes allow them to perform better.

My lovely sunset walks through the fields shown above are far from the intense endurance exercise my professor was referring to, but the message here went beyond exercise. We have the power to make extraordinary changes, despite our genetics, if we are willing to work steadily towards our goals.

To me, that’s a really beautiful thought and I’ve been keeping it in mind.


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