So happy to see this perfect little face.
I was very happy to see this perfect little face.

So that’s done.

I turned in three big papers on Monday. One was this blog, another was a group project on vegetarianism, and the third was a doozy of a paper on the maternal microbiota and obesity.

And then I followed that up with four finals. Not the easiest week. There were a couple bright points that stood out though.

One was a simple dinner that my roommate and I had. We picked up some veggie burgers from Trader Joe’s (their tofu burgers are so good!) and ate them with whole wheat bread and sharp cheddar. On the side, we had a big salad and cold beer.

It was easily the happiest I felt all day, and it was a nice reminder to slow down during this crazy week and remember to enjoy the little things.

The second stand out moment was the realization that I am actually very sad to see this quarter go. My classes and teachers have been wonderful, and I finally feel like I really get what I’m learning about.

I’ve also made some very close friends in my major over the last year. When I first started taking upper division nutrition classes last spring, I didn’t know anyone. Now, I’ve met a group of wonderful, kind, intelligent girls who make me happy to go to class every day.

Studying with them this week was both enjoyable and incredibly helpful. My high school was based around learning through relationships, which I think is one of the most meaningful ways to learn. To have found that in such a large university is something that I am deeply grateful for.

Gushy moment over. As much as I loved this quarter, I am definitely ready for a break! I’ll be spending this week laying on the beach with a book and a drink.

Actually, that was a total lie. The beach part is true but I’ll probably make it through one day before I crack and start going through the terrifying backlog of emails sitting in my inbox. Sometimes, complete relaxation just feels like too much after a week of constant studying.

Regardless, I can’t wait to unwind and spend some time with the people I love.


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