Island living

I’m trying to relax, I promise.

I think I may have forgotten how though. My roommate thinks I’ve been in school for too long. My sister thinks I just needed a “cool down” period between finals and vacation. Either way, please tell me somebody else has this problem too.

I made a real To-Do list and I’m slowly starting to work my way though it. For some reason, I’ve always loved doing work when I don’t need to. It just feels so good to get a few things done instead of putting it all off and then freaking out when I get back to school.

Food wise, it is definitely vacation mode over here. There have been a lot of veggie chips and ice cream and chocolate covered macadamia nuts and it is wonderful.

I’ve been balancing it out with long walks on the beach but I’d love to get in some more vegetables during the rest of the week (the veggie chips don’t really count).

My goal for this week is to find a little bit of balance between veggies and ice cream, productivity and relaxation, so that I can prepare myself for the upcoming quarter while still enjoying my vacation.

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