Pearl Harbor

USS Arizona Memorial
USS Arizona Memorial

One of my favorite parts of our vacation was a visit to Pearl Harbor. We did the free tour of the USS Arizona Memorial, which included a 20 minute video on the history of the Pearl Harbor attack and a boat ride out to the memorial, which is build over the remains of the ship.

The memorial was stunning and the trip was a heartbreaking reminder of the lives lost in warfare. Although I have friends who served in the military or are part of college ROTC programs, as a college student I am largely sheltered from the brutal effects of war.

It’s shocking to think that many of the boys who died on that ship must have been around my age.

Part of the USS Arizona

The memorial, especially the video, also made me realize that I’ve stopped learning about many subjects as my education has become more specialized. I love that I get to focus on a subject I care about, but there is so much more about the world that I would like to learn.

I’ve been making an effort to read more for pleasure. It’s something I used to spend hours doing as a child but the amount of reading I’ve had to do in school has dampened my love of reading. I would like to try to include more nonfiction books about subjects I care about, like history.

In the past, it’s felt so difficult to force myself to learn for fun after a rough day at school but I want to make a stronger effort to keep on learning outside of school and make sure my education is a well rounded one .

Inside the memorial



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