So apparently, when I said “I’m totally going to keep blogging after my class ends!”, what I really meant was “I’m going to fall off the face of the planet for a few weeks”. My bad.

Life has been crazy busy since I got back from break, but thankfully with fun things. I don’t love my classes as much as I did last quarter but I’ve been making up for it by enjoying my time outside of class substantially more.

I’m finally starting to settle into the new quarter (my first midterms were this week, ahh!), which hopefully means finally being able to get a few blog posts up.

So what have I been up to, if not school? I’ve been getting out of town, which is usually a bit of a rarity for me. My roommate took me to Santa Cruz to volunteer with an organization called Ride a Wave, which takes children with special needs surfing. She has been working with them for years and it was an incredible experience.


The picture above is one of the few I took while in Santa Cruz (I left my phone at home while we were on the beach). We went to the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History to see an incredible paper-cutting exhibit by Nikki McClure. The artist kept the list above in her studio, and I really liked it.

I also went on a weekend trip to Yosemite with a few friends.

It was the perfect time of the year to go – it was warm enough to wear shorts and all the waterfalls were at their peak thanks to the snow melt. We hung out by the river, went for a few short hikes, and enjoyed good company in a beautiful place.


There was cake too.

With all this excitement, my eating has been all over the place. I realized after my first week back in school that tracking my food as I had planned was not realistic during the school year.

Most of my meals were repeats and many were eaten in class. The other night, I had ice cream for dinner while running from a microbiology review to a scholarship event, to an internship interview.


Microbiology is pretty sweet though.

What’s strange, and nice, is that I’m okay with all this madness. I’m usually more in the “live-to-eat” category but I’ve been so busy, in a good way, that I’ve been a little more “eat-to-live” for the past few weeks. I have no doubt that this will shift as I get used to my new schedule but I’m not complaining at all – life has been great.

I was working on my meal plan for the week today and I’m excited to do some real cooking again. I also have a veggie burger recipe and date cookie recipe to share. Hopefully, there will plenty of good things happening in this space soon!




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