San Francisco weekend

I’ve been trying to get as many mini-adventures in as possible lately. I always thought I didn’t have time for weekend trips but I’ve been getting out of town and it feels so good.

If anything, the change of scenery during the weekend makes me more productive during the week and knowing that I have another adventure ahead of me is motivation to close Netflix and get my stuff done.

This weekend, my roommate and I drove down to San Francisco for a night. Some highlights:

20140427-150613.jpgPizza with asparagus, fontina, and thyme at Palio d’Asti. They have a killer happy hour deal – an entire pizza for one dollar when you buy two drinks.

20140427-150649.jpgWe sprinted up a hill to catch the sunset. Worth it.


Warm brownies with salted caramel chip ice cream and beer. Absolute perfection. The brownie mix was wonderfully pretentious. The instructions prefaced every other word with “organic”, such as “Add in organic egg. Pour the organic batter in the pan”.

20140427-150523.jpgBrunch at Zazie. This is what the line looked like before the restaurant even opened. Also worth it.

Our meals were absolutely incredible but sadly not photographed. My roommate got the special: oven baked kale, white beans, and root vegetables topped with egg. I ordered the Avignon scramble, which had eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, and herbs.

20140427-150508.jpgHuge caterpillars! It was Bug Day at the Randall Museum.

Also not pictured was studying over Irish coffee, burritos in the Mission, and wandering throughout the city.

All in all, a great weekend.







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