Weekend at home


Waffles are easily the best way to start off a weekend. My roommate and I made these almond-chia seed waffles from Eat This Poem, and they were incredible. The chia seeds gave the waffles a slight crunch and the delicate almond flavor is a perfect backdrop for summer fruit. I topped mine with fresh strawberries and a drizzle of yogurt.


We drove down to my parents’ house and made them this vegan peanut butter cup pie from Minimalist Baker as a thank you. Everyone loved it, including my mother (who had claimed not to like peanut butter desserts).  20140528-153100-55860637.jpgCrepes with strawberries, peaches, and fresh whipped cream for lunch. There is an awning over our back patio, and the dappled light in the picture above is in every single one of my childhood birthday photos. Note my roommate, who couldn’t wait for me to take the photo before reaching for a crepe.

On the way back to school, we took a detour to the top of Mt. Diablo. It has one of the farthest views in the continental US and is definitely well worth seeing.

Two of my favorite hooligans at the top.


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