Ride a wave weekend

My roommate and I went down to Santa Cruz for the last weekend of Ride a Wave. Getting to spend time on the beach with the kids was incredible. It’s always a great way for me to gain some perspective and remember that there is life outside of college, especially with finals approaching. 20140603-095857-35937714.jpgThat thing on my left? That’s a beach wheelchair. One of the men who works with Ride a Wave designed and built them.

While we were there, my roommate also got a haircut. I wish I had more pictures of her hairdresser’s setup. She works out of a shed in her backyard (which was also stunning) that she has turned into both a hair salon and full bar.


As always, we ate well while we were there too. We checked out Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing and had some tasty beers there. I tried a lavender IPA, which was delicious.



Kelly’s French Bakery was right down the street and we stopped by for pastries after our beers. We split a bearclaw (my first!) one day and had a cinnamon roll and ollalaberry tart the next. Pastries and beer after a day on the beach was pretty much perfection, but we both agreed that it is a good thing we don’t live near a brewery/bakery combo.

Beautiful place, great company, and delicious food – I couldn’t ask for more.


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