Happy things that are not food

It’s finals week, but thankfully there have been plenty of bright moments in my life to complement all the studying. Microbiology was Saturday, Nutrition of Aging is tonight, and I have both Physics and Exercise Metabolism on Thursday. My commencement ceremony is Friday, and I can already tell the next few days are going to be a whirlwind. Here are a couple of the things that have been keeping me smiling lately:

This cat followed me home and it was all I could do not to keep it. I let it inside for a second and our bunny rabbit tried to attack it (yes, the bunny went for the the cat, not the other way around). The bunny isn’t a huge fan of sharing.

20140530-192228-69748828.jpgWe match to an embarrassing degree sometimes. Since we do a lot of things together, we have quite a few of the same shirts. More than once, we’ve shown up somewhere in basically identical outfits.

20140609-223338-81218558.jpgMy roommate’s guinea pig. Such a ridiculous animal. My roommate and I spent a few minutes looking up baby guinea pigs on Petfinder (which is the best study procrastination ever) and they were so cute it hurt.

Quick Ikea run. We went to get a stuffed carrot (like my stuffed broccoli) for a friend who is in the hospital. These hearts may have been the creepiest stuffed toy I’ve ever seen – just look at those fingers!

Side note – they sell half a dozen cinnamon rolls for $4 at Ikea!! My roommate almost grabbed them but ultimately decided that buying 6 cinnamon rolls, for herself, during finals week, was not the best plan.


I walk by an elementary school on my way to campus and the crossing guard was passing out “happy pills” (Smarties) to all the kids as they came in. I’m pretty sure he knows I’m not 7 but he snuck me one anyway.

He says hi to me every morning, and it is always a nice reminder of the relationships outside of school that I’ve formed here. I’m grateful to live in a college town where the students are accepted as part of the community, instead of seen as a nuisance.

Good luck to all of you taking finals this week!


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