Goat yogurt

It looks so innocent…

It’s extremely rare that I find a food that I actively dislike. I definitely have my preferences but I’m not a picky eater in the least. Tempeh, seaweed, nutritional yeast, bring it on! Lately, I had the (unpleasant) surprise of trying something that I absolutely hated: goat milk yogurt.

The name sounds so innocent. I love goat cheese and I love yogurt, so when I saw goat milk yogurt on sale, I figured I would be all over it.

Yogurt and fresh fruit has been one of my main snacks this summer. I’ve recently fallen in love with the whole milk yogurt from Strauss Creamery. A couple spoonfuls over a chopped up peach and handful of blueberries is the perfect summer snack.

So when it came time to open up my goat milk yogurt, I quickly diced up a couple of plums from the backyard, threw them in a jar with some yogurt, and ran off to class.

No joke, I almost threw up.

It tasted like goat, in the worst way possible. It was funky and musty and reminded me of a barnyard. The texture was oddly fluffy and it was all I could do to quickly swallow it down.

My roommate, who was getting live updates of my yogurt experience via text, tried some later that day and actually liked it. Granted, she used it in a savory manner (with garlic on naan), which we both agreed sounded like a much better idea than with fruit.

Regardless, I’m now stuck with an entire tub of goat milk yogurt that I can’t stand. I don’t know what to do; this doesn’t happen to me! I’ve considered baking with it, but what if it messes up my baked goods? Then I’ll just have wasted more ingredients. Currently, I’m trying to give it away, but no takers so far. Definitely a lesson learned – next time, buy a small container first.



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