Butternut squash pasta

Leftovers eaten in the car. It's a glamorous life.
Leftovers eaten in the car. It’s a glamorous life.

The first time I made this pasta was during college. My roommate and I had spent a good half hour trying to use our cheap vegetable peeler and grater to beat the butternut squash into submission. Our other roommate heard the whining and cursing coming from the kitchen and generously offered to help. We left him alone in the kitchen for a few minutes and when we got back, there was butternut squash everywhere. It was on the counters, floor, and even some on the walls. Thankfully, it was also his night to clean the kitchen.

Moral of the story, I do not know of an easy way to peel and grate a butternut squash. Using a good, sharp peeler and grater helps, a lot. I highly recommend a Y shaped peeler. But ideally, get someone else to do it for you – this is an excellent task to pawn off on an unsuspecting friend. It is worth it for this pasta though. It’s creamy, flavorful, and with the exception of the squash, quite easy. I added a generous amount of pepper. And of course, don’t skimp on the cheese. Cheese is key.


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