Recipes, in a loose sense


Broccoli Potato Leek Soup

Dijon Lentil Salad

Kidney Bean Burgers

Mediterranean Pasta and Kale Salad

Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl

Moroccan Spiced Sweet Potatoes and Chickpeas 

Peanut Rice Bowl

Pita Bread Pizzas



Roasted Broccoli with Lemon


Basic Stovetop Popcorn

Chai Spiced Green Smoothie

Peanut Butter Caramel Corn 

Peanut Butter Date Cookies

Whole Wheat Banana Bread


Basic Vinaigrette

Naomi’s Yogurt Dressing


Carrot Oat Cookies

Mini Cheesecakes 

Mom’s Apricot Pie

Raspberry Sauce

Spiced Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies


2 thoughts on “Recipes, in a loose sense

  1. UMMMM WHEN ARE WE GOING TO HAVE SOME OF YOUR DELICIOUS PB POPCORN AGAIN?! reading it is making me drool.. love this (:

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